The all-wheel-drive Lexus ES AWD is a fast, dependable, and popular option among drivers. When compared with an off-road SUV, an ES AWD is lighter, offers more stability, and can be operated in harsher driving conditions. With its compact size and lightweight design, it is ideal for off-road usage.

lexus es awd

The dual-engine powertrain components are geared toward giving the driver a smooth ride. Sending power to the four wheels with torque, the L4 2.5-liter turbocharged engine provides the power needed to accelerate through rough conditions, regardless of traction. Dynamic Torque Control (DTC) AWD helps to improve traction for slippery and inclement weather, while minimizing the typical noise and drag associated with an AWD.

The powerful engine is located between the front seats so that passengers can easily access the engine compartment for servicing and repairs. Standard on models sold in the United States, it is standard equipment on all models sold outside the country.

The powertrain system uses four-wheel drive with axles and a transfer case. The transmission is mounted below the engine. The axles are located on each side of the vehicle, with the driver facing the front and the passenger facing the back. The transmission is fitted under the vehicle.

The transmission on the ES has been designed to be easy to install. It is compatible with most aftermarket transmissions. The speedometer and tachometer are both incorporated into the gear lever for greater convenience. The engine and powertrain controls come with an illuminated powertrain control ring to show what the engine is doing at all times.

This transmission also comes with a TCC (Transfer Case Control). This allows the driver to control the transfer case and shift gears in response to the condition of the road ahead.

The Transfer Case Control Ring is also available as an accessory to help keep the vehicle running properly. It also includes an immobilizer. and a key fob.

The all-wheel-drive system on the ES is the same as the standard car. It comes with both the Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) Electronic Stability Program, and Traction Control System (TSCS).

The DSS features a Dynamic Performance Mode, which is designed for improved cornering grip. The TCS features brake-by-wire controls to increase vehicle stability. The AWD allows the driver to drive on a racetrack with minimal resistance. It also offers better acceleration.

The engine is cooled by a radiator with in-line and direct cooling system. There is a high pressure fuel pump that ensures efficient combustion. distribution of engine heat. The engine exhaust system is quiet and compact.

There are standard accessories for the standard model. These include a six-speaker stereo, heated front seats, power-folding mirrors, CD changer, a leather wrapped steering wheel, a remote starter, remote parking brake, a leather wrapped seat, an adjustable rear headrest, sunroof, and power locks. A CD player, radio, DVD player, MP3 player, and a USB port for iPod support. and Bluetooth connectivity are standard features. The optional packages include a leather wrapped front bucket seat, side mirrors, automatic upholstery, auto dimming lights, a sunroof, a moonroof, leather wrapped steering wheel cover, navigation system, a windshield.

The optional accessories can be selected from the Lexus Car Packages. These include the Premium Package, Leather Wrapped Interior, Auto Dimming Mirror, Premium Audio Package, Sunroof, Remote Start, Leather Dash, iPod Dock, Navigation System, Personal Information Recorder, and a Tow Bar Strap.

A vehicle security suite includes an immobilizer. It also comes with the Vehicle Stability Assist Plus (VSA), Anti-lock Braking System Plus (BBS Plus), and the Traffic Sign Indicator Plus.

A Car Remote Start System, is a must-have feature. In this, the vehicle’s starter is linked to the vehicle’s ignition by means of a remote control. It allows you to start the vehicle from any location. or position. It also provides the convenience of starting the vehicle on a cold morning without having to open the trunk.

An exterior camera with panoramic view is part of the Mercedes Benz Cars Accessories for the Lexus ES. This helps to give you a great view of the road while you drive. This camera is mounted on a special windshield. The camera has a night vision feature that allows you to see even at night in dimly lit conditions.