Car Glass Care – General Information

As important as the paint of your car is, it should not be ignored when taking care of your car’s glass. If you have one of those bullet headlights then the chance of an accident is high. In fact, many cars have poor collision visibility to a few simple changes will help.

Car glass care starts with sweeping the car before taking it for a test drive. Anything that is loose and unsecured in the car can cause the glass to shatter causing injuries to both the driver and passengers. The worst case scenario is losing the passenger’s eyeglasses and most likely their brain when the wind strikes their head in the rear-end collision.

You can avoid this type of accident by sweeping the rear end of the car before you start the engine or setting it up before the wind blows on the front end. By sweeping the sides of the car you also clear the view of the rear end mirror which can obstruct the view of the driver. This practice will prevent a collision from occurring.

Many drivers don’t think about the wheels when they are in their rear end mirrors. Many people don’t even know how far the back end of their car has traveled. This is why they cannot see what is ahead. When they hit something it can cause serious injuries.

By adjusting the tire pressure you can avoid getting hit from behind by going slower than normal. This will make a better tire bite into the road and minimize the likelihood of getting hit. If you have changed the tires, it is important to know the new pressure.

The windshield of a car is another important part of car glass care. Do not take the windshield off until it is completely broken and have replaced all its breaks. When glass breakage occurs the windshield can crack in half.

These types of accidents can cause serious injuries to the passengers. Having a reinforced windshield helps stop the glass from hitting anyone behind you. It is also important to check the air gap between the glass and the windshield to make sure it is sized properly.

Having a steering wheel that is properly sized can prevent many accidents but this simple act can prevent many lives. It is important to remember that the steering wheel can be a serious head injury hazard. A small air gap between the glass and the steering wheel can prevent the glass from contacting the steering wheel thus increasing the odds of avoiding an accident.

Car alarms should be set up on a vehicle that has a full anti-theft system. It is important to turn off the car before doing this so the alarm won’t try to continue to work after the anti-theft system is turned off. Even if the car is stolen you can still make sure it is armed.

Most people don’t even bother to clean the car’s windows after a night of drinking. By doing this you are taking the very simple step of cleaning the glass. By cleaning the glass into the cracks in the glass will be cleaned and improved.

A great way to keep the glass from getting damaged in the first place is to take it out in the morning when the sun comes up. Make sure that you do not have any other glass on the windshield or anywhere else in the car. Doing this will prevent the glass from drying out, which can cause it to crack and break.

By learning the steps needed to keep your car protected from scratches, broken glass and other problems we can help reduce your insurance costs. Although a windshield repair may cost a lot, it is definitely worth it if it prevents someone from being hurt in an accident.